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Product Description

The VYVwater pitcher is no longer available at this time. We recommend purchasing a Brita pitcher that can accommodate our Brita Compatible Filters.

The VYVwater pitcher creates water that performs like a sports drink without the sugar, calories or additives. Its rapid hydrating formula is non-bloating and enhanced with electrolytes, allowing you to train harder and longer. VYVwater's optimal pH properties combat lactic acid build up which means faster recovery times, reduced cramping, and better overall performance.

  • 1.25 liter capacity - enough to fill up sports bottles with plenty left over
  • Compact modern design - crafted with fridge spaces in mind
  • Electrolytes - plain water just isn’t good enough
  • pH enhanced - soft drinks and sports drinks are acidic, this isn’t
  • Includes 1 replacement filter
Drink. Perform. VYV.